Kiwa Aqua Water Vitalization

As a special service for our guests, for a relaxing holiday, we have installed a KIWA AQUA water vitalization system, completely disturbed all apartments by earth radiation or alternating fields:

Each of us needs about 70000 in the course of our lives Liter of drinking water. Since our organism consists of 70 to 75 water, water is important for our health!

Through the Kiwa Aqua, the water is almost returned to its natural vibration by applying the oxygen information that corresponds to a vibration of 650 GHZ.

Water has a very good memory and is an excellent information manager. Even if the water is purified by filters, the information of the pollutants is still contained in the memory of the water and thus affects our body (asbestos microfiber, pollutants, hormones, drug residues, etc.)

Kiwa Aqua overlays the negative information and no longer perceives the body! They are excreted without depositing themselves anywhere.

For food, the treatment (washing) with activated water is of great advantage, as the vitamins and minerals are preserved and activated.

For a stress-free holiday of our guests!

All our apartments are disturbed by a GEO CHIP.

Artificial alternating fields such as: computers, electrical lines, but also water veins, earth beams, Hartmann grids, curry grids, etc., clearly have a negative effect on our bio- and nervous system. The chip in each apartment superimposes these interference fields and their harmful effect on our organism with the harmonic universal vibrational energy.

The stress level is reduced or completely switched off. The heart rhythm is stabilized, sleep behavior is improved, the concentration is reactivated, debilitating and damaging information of electromagnetic radiation is superimposed and no longer burdens the human organism.

For a relaxing holiday at Haus Arndt


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